Youth Conference 2015 Q&A Quicklist

Section 1

Q1 I wanted to ask this question but I was too late last night, I hope you can help me. My boyfriend and I got carried away one night and somewhat lost our virginity. We didn't go all the way, well no need for details but what's done is done. After that we haven't put ourselves in that situation and we fasted and regretted going that far. We are baptized and we were wanting to ask, as our next step in getting married in the next few months are we allowed to still have our blessing at our wedding or no ?

Q2 If you are not a Virgin can you still have a blessing at your marriage ?

Q3 How many years max is too much in between you and the person you like?

Q4 Is abortion a sin?

Q5 What's so bad about losing your virginity before marriage?

Q6 Do you lose the holy spirit if you lose your innocence?

Q7 How many girls/guys can I talk to at once to figure which is the one?

Q8 Is it okay to date a non-christian person and bring them to Christ?

Q9 If we shouldn't worry about trying to find the lady or man to marry, what do we do when we have huge crush on her/him?

Q10 How about waiting on God and stop looking until God reveals her?

Section 2

Q1 What do you say to couples that start talking at 16 and get married 6 years later. Wasn't it too early?

Q2 What is the difference of disrespecting and disagreeing with your parents when it comes to the girl your going to marry?

Q3 What is the best way to prepare yourself to be the priest of your household?

Q4 What's the biggest age difference before it's just weird?

Q5 How should god play a role in a relationship?

Q6 Is it biblical to live with your parents/your spouses parents after you're married?

Q7 What can you do to save or fix a failing marriage?

Q8 Why is it that Jews would become married at age 14, or that it is said Jesus' mom was about 14 when she was married and pregnant?

Q9 What if you guy says he wants to be with you but doesn't really pursue.

Q10 If your in a relationship and your spouse makes you clean all the time how do you tell them no?

Section 3

Q1 Yo I like this feme. But she got a man.

Q2 How does a guy guard his heart when he's interested in a girl?

Q3 Do you have to speak in tongues to have the holy spirit/ be saved?

Q4 Why do guys only focus on pretty girls instead of focusing on personality?

Q5 What does it mean if I have a dream about a woman that I have never met?

Q6 What should you look for in a girl?

Q7 I was wondering if you can explain the difference between courting and dating?

Q8 What's the best way to intrigue a guy with out all the makeup and clothes?

Q9 Hi my name is Eddy as well #twinzies

Q10 How do you react to rejection?

Section 4

Q1 How old should you be to date?

Q2 What is your opinion on gays/lesbians?

Q3 How do you know a girl is "the one?"

Q4 How do you resist not having sex with someone you love and you can't get married yet due to school and money?

Q5 How do you then have a growing relationship?

Q6 What does it say about touching your loved one?

Q7 How do you if she's the right one?

Q8 So if man and women become one on earth and in the eyes of God does that mean in heaven they will be one?

Q9 How do you convince your loved one that she is beautiful to you, regardless of how she feels about how she looks?

Q10 Is it ok to asking porocu (a prophet) to get married?

Section 5

Q1 How do know if he's interested in you?

Q2 How do you know when you have met the one?

Q3 How do you chat up someone you like with out being awkward?

Q4 My friends needs to know this answer. How do you heal when you've been hurt by a guy?

Q5 What if the guy is too scared to make a first move?

Q6 How do you react when you like someone but their not fully about the life of god?

Q7 How do you tell a girl you don't like her the way you used to?

Q8 What's your thought on gay marriage?

Q9 Should Romanian marry from another nation. .. (American.) Same religion?

Q10 How do you show a guy you're interested in him?

Section 6

Q1 How do you get rid of someone after telling them multiple times you're not interested?

Q2 How do you talk to girls?

Q3 How do you let go of the guy that you know isn't right?

Q4 I've prayed that God reveals the one.... I was wanting a man that brings me closer to God. I saw that he showed me someone and he did yet my fear holds me back from talking to the guy. I see him but am afraid ... What do I do? I've prayed for this man for more than 6 months not giving up.

Q5 What do you do when there is a person that has decided that their happiness in life revolves around you and they ask you out but you know that saying no might cause them to fall into a depression or even have suicidal thoughts (hence this person is not a Christian)

Q6 At what difference (3 years..  6 years,  etc.) in age is there risk in a relationship between and guy and girl...  And is it detrimental for the woman to be older than the man?

Q7 Is there such a thing as "the one"? Or did God not make one single person for us?

Q8 What if you’re not pure when you get married?

Q9 When you're newly courting someone and asking for Gods guidance, how do you listen to Gods urges about that person and if he/she is right for you?

Q10 Sometimes I feel I'm not respected, what should I do?