Men and Women of Action (MWOA) provides an opportunity for men and women to volunteer their skills in building projects around the world. Even though their main emphasis is coordinating construction teams, they also work with disaster relief and recovery, humanitarian projects, celebration teams, and discipleship training.

in 2018 RTOyouth is partnering with MWOA to build a new roof of a large existing church in Rwanda. Below you will find more info about this project and the MWOA.

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The 2018 “YWEA European Renaissance Project” will be sending the Light across Europe. By joining forces with the Girls Ministry Department, YWEA will make a lasting impact in the lives of girls and boys across Europe.

YWEA began 55 years ago as a cooperative effort between Youth & Discipleship and World Missions.  Over 57 projects have been completed and over $38,000,000.00 raised by Church of God young people.  It is the youth missions arm of the Youth & Discipleship department which includes: Funding & Supporting Global Youth Ministries, Building Ministry Training Centers, Rescuing & Caring for Children, Conducting Leadership & Discipleship Training, Planting New Churches, Inner City Outreach, Building & Supporting Orphanages, Disaster Relief

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God will Provide is a global ministry focused on spreading the gospel and meeting needs world wide. Among their many other projects, in 2014 they built an orphanage in Kenya and serving as a part of the core leadership team during this project was RTOyouth Missions Director Peter Boros. 

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