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Mark your calendars!



5 days / 4 nights lodging for over 200 people

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Sessions with amazing worship and great speakers

Optional seminars

Activities and games (including human foosball, volleyball tournament, soccer, etc.)

and much more...



$50/ person day-rate

(If you want to just visit for the day - or any portion thereof - but not spend the night.)

$75/ person per night

(this is per 24 hour period - like a hotel)

$270/ person for the entire 5 day/ 4 night stay

(best deal and an amazing price for 4 full days, 12 sessions, meals, activities, etc.)



Camp Cedar Crest

For directions, camp location, and more info, please visit

The address pulls up 2 different locations, so please make sure you search by NAME and not by address alone!

Here is a link to the correct location.


See photos from our 2018 Summit camp below



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